Credit & Collection Training Education Seminars


Credit & Collection ConsultingTrade receivables are one of the biggest assets of an organization.

With a client-focused approach, Credit Guru Inc. provides credit consulting services to organizations in a variety of industries. In the order-to-cash cycle of a credit granting organization, our services are specific to corporate credit and collection management in safeguarding and administering the risk associated with accounts receivable.

We employ leading industry methodologies with proven decision support models to customize our solutions in order to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.

Areas of expertise include the following: credit set-up; credit terms, credit scores; debtor codes; credit application development; credit limit decision making criteria; international trade; credit & collection performance metrics.

We collaborate with our customers to deliver tangible business solutions that reduce credit risk, minimize bad debt write-offs, impact cash flow & consequently help improve the company’s bottom line.



Writing Credit & Collection Policy & procedure DocumentWe assist organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in writing or auditing their credit, collection policy, and procedure documents.

For organizations that require their credit policy to be written in accordance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, we have the insights, breadth of experience, global resources, superior assets and deep knowledge to write a SOX compliant credit & collection policy. For these assignments, we employ the COSO model to identify internal controls, controls and control standards and other risks associated with managing accounts receivable.



Onsite Training Credit & Collection SkillsOur Courses can be delivered off-the-shelf or create all new, totally customized credit, collection, risk and financial training at your request.

We listen to your needs, evaluate them, and then give real-world skills in our customized seminars to help achieve your business objectives.

We provide onsite training globally.        learn more about onsite training solutions...

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