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Implementing the planned changes to our COVID-19 policy we have decided a phased resumption of our in-person seminars, training and workshops. Effective September 2021 we are scheduling our seminars in USA and Canada. We will be taking every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to protect the delegates and facilitators. The final execution will depend on the situation that prevails at the time.
In our efforts to enhance safety, Credit Guru Inc. has implemented small class sizes for our in-person learning workshops and seminars. Each venue where we hold our events is committed to providing a safe environment that aligns with expert protocols for working to defeat COVID-19. Based on the changing conditions these protocols are constantly evolving with respect to mask wearing, PPE and social distancing measures.

Credit and Collection training solutions from Credit Guru Inc.

Credit & Collection Training Solutions

A tough choice for many: Pursue a safe career path or follow a dream? If you have chosen the path of Credit, Collection or Risk Management then you should experience the practical and dynamic courses that we have to offer. 

The future of your business education should begin with us. Our instructors are professionals from the related field who have imparted valuable practical knowledge that has helped our participants become successful! This is because our courses are fresh, practical, case-based and deliver the results that your business demands. The training can also be brought to you on-site.

As our motto states: 'We will make you the Credit Guru!'. 



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